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Professional solutions for beverage cooling

About us


DITL METAL, s.r.o. was established under its current name in 2005. However, we have been working in this industry since 1991. Our company became a member of the Thermotechnika Crown Cool group in 2007.

The company’s main profile is the production and development of cooling equipment, flow-through cooling equipment for beverages, refrigerators and refrigeration units. DITL METAL s.r.o.  is a company  certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard and ISO 14001:2015 standard in QMS activities. Our products can be found in many countries all over Europe. 

When developing our products, we place great emphasis on professional communication and meeting customer needs.  

Our main goal is to produce high quality products and to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Why to choose our products?

Why to choose our products?

Professional production of cooling equipment complying with standard STN ISO 9001:2015

Constantly investing in CAD/CAM software to optimize our production process

Satisfied customers and partners on the international market as well